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BLT (Bullets) Token

BLT Token is the native governance and utility token of the Bullets.finance decentralized exchange (DEX) on the zkSync layer-2 network. It serves as the fuel of the platform and enables holders to participate in various governance activities, including proposing and voting on changes to the protocol, as well as receiving a share of the trading fees generated by the platform.
Additionally, BLT Token also serves as a liquidity provider reward and is used to incentivize liquidity providers on the platform. Holders of BLT Token can earn additional tokens through yield farming, staking, and participating in liquidity pools.
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The BLT Token has a maximum supply of 10 million tokens, with a portion of the initial supply distributed through a community airdrop and the remaining supply allocated for liquidity mining and future development.
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    Liquidity Provision: Users can provide liquidity to BLT trading pairs on the platform and earn a share of the trading fees generated by the platform. This incentivizes liquidity providers to contribute to the growth of the platform.
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    Trading: BLT can be used to pay for trading fees on the Bulletswap Finance platform. This provides a convenient and cost-effective way for users to trade cryptocurrencies.
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    Governance: BLT holders have the right to vote on proposals related to the future development of the platform. This ensures that the platform evolves according to the community's wishes and needs.